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iDEC 2021 | UOregon: DiversiPhi29

DiversiPhi29: an orthogonal replication system for the continuous directed evolution of genes in vivo


Biological protein-based systems can be engineered to perform novel functions useful for applications in medicine and industry. A significant barrier to using proteins in medicine and industry is that proteins function best in living cells from their native organism, and frequently lose function in a different context. This necessitates innovative techniques to modify and optimize proteins for novel functions and conditions.

Our team is developing a method, DiversiPhi29, for engineering proteins using directed evolution. Directed evolution is a powerful technique which uses random mutagenesis to create many protein variants which can then be screened for suitable attributes.

Our Team

Our team is based out of the Plesa lab at the University of Oregon Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. Our lab develops gene synthesis technologies and multiplex functional assays towards the objective of understanding and engineering biological protein based systems.